Why You Shouldn’t Be a Do-It-Yourselfer When It Comes to Foundation Digging?

Before you build any structure you must first start by digging the foundation. This is the most crucial part of any construction project. If you don’t have a strong foundation your house, commercial property, or any addition you make will start to deteriorate when met with harsh conditions. 

This is not an easy process and it requires more than just setting the footings and pouring concrete. Depending on the type of building you are constructing will call for various types of foundations, some need to be stronger than others to combat any moisture it encounters and evenly maintain the weight if the structure is super heavy. 

Professional excavation contractors Chicago will tell you that the work needs to be done with precision and this job is dangerous to complete. Before you undertake to build your own structure or dig your own footings you should check these few reasons saying why it is much safer to contact an excavation company Chicago instead. 

What is the Purpose of a Foundation? 

Many think the only reason for a foundation is to carry the weight of a structure. If you don’t create a solid foundation any building that you put on top of it will simply sink into the ground or crumble. 

Why Excavation Is So Dangerous?

If you’ve done research on what you need to get the permits and you understand what equipment you will be using for the trenches you may come to the conclusion that you can go ahead and get started. However, excavation is a seriously dangerous job to take on for a number of reasons. There are a few dangers you should try to avoid when deciding if you can do this process on your own or should you hire professional excavation contractors Chicago to do it for you even if it will cost you more to do so:

  • In the case that a trench collapses, the people working on this project could be buried under the dirt; also a worker can get stuck in a pile of dirt and debris associated with the construction. The amount of pressure applied during this malfunction can suffocate a person even in the case that they are not all the way buried in the soil. 
  • An excavation Chicago project often brings about a huge amount of dust and debris. If you don’t have breathing equipment and protective gear the people working on your site can breathe in hazardous debris and suffer from lung irritations, sinus issues, or eye irritation. This soil can also have asbestos, mold, or other harmful substances which can cause even more damage and cripple your health significantly. 
  • Homeowners that are experienced in basement excavation and who contemplate taking on this job will probably know about marking underground power lines but will often not remember about overhead lines! Picking up a shovel or a bucket of a bobcat can cause you to hit one of these lines and lead to electrical shock. 
  • If you don’t have the right bracing, the walls in the pits during an excavation Chicago job will be extremely fragile. Standing near the edge or moving a bobcat too close to one side can be dangerous and lead to the edge collapsing under you which can cause severe injury. 

Safety is just one factor you should think about when deciding whether to hire excavation company Chicago or not. The cost associated with bringing in professionals could be more less than getting all the equipment you need and doing it yourself plus you also have to have someone to haul away the old soil. An excavation Chicago company will also carry insurance just in case the job is done incorrectly or there are any damages that occur during the process. They will have experience getting the permits you need to get started as well. With all this in place, you can be guaranteed that your foundation will be done correctly leading to faster and safer project completion.