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Whenever you need excavation or underpinning done in Highland Park, Buildmax Company is the one that has your back. Our excavation and demolition company has been providing outstanding service for over two decades. Our foundation contractors and demolition contractors can handle any workload that they may have in each project. Also, with the years of experience, our contractors have gained the proper knowledge and skills to provide you with the best outcome possible. With our underpinning foundation, you can ensure that your commercial and residential spaces will have a durable structure that will last for years. If you need a basement excavation done, our excavation contractors Highland Park are always ready to help. We only use the highest quality of materials for the best result possible.

At Buildmax Company, we take pride in the work that we provide to our customers. For any basement construction, underpinning Highland Park and other new construction needs, give us a call.


Need Underpinning, Excavation, Foundation Contractors or Demolition Company Highland Park & Nearby Suburbs?

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If you are looking for professional excavation, demolition, and foundation contractors based in Highland Park, we’re at your service! Trust us to provide you with exceptional results. Choose from our services:

Excavation Contractors Highland Park

If you're planning to build your dream home or maybe a new infrastructure for your business, our excavation contractors Highland Park are here for you. We will be with you every step of the way, from start to finish. We've got your back!

Demolition Contractors Highland Park

Rest assured that our demolition contractors Highland Park are here to provide you with excellent services, whether it's for your remodeling or renovation projects. We take pride in our services, which always leads to exceptional results. Count on us!

Foundation Contractors Highland Park

Our foundation contractors Highland Park have the knowledge, skills, different methods, and techniques for seamless work ahead. Trust them to perform thorough inspections to determine a viable solution for the property's utmost protection. We are the ones you can count on.

Underpinning Highland Park

At our underpinning foundation company, we will help you restore a good foundation for your commercial or residential spaces. We have seasoned contractors that will perform basement excavation and basement construction Highland Park to ensure safe and sustainable use in the future.


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When looking for the right excavation company and demolition company Highland Park, we are the ones that have your back. We provide free estimates and professional advice with your excavation and underpinning services. Our foundation contractors and excavation contractors are well skilled and knowledgeable since they have years of experience providing the best service possible for our customers. Trust us to provide you with the highest quality of work. Call us today!

What Do Excavating Contractors?
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It’s vital that each homeowner or business owner should hire professional excavation contractors Highland Park for any different needs that you may need in your commercial or residential property. This includes trenches for extensive gardens or pits for landscaping or mature trees. Buildmax Excavation Company will make sure that each job is done correctly and professionally at the same time, ensuring the safety of the work-site.

What our excavation contractors Highland Park will do is to dig pits and trenches of all types and sizes. We also grade land as needed for construction, paving, etc. Our excavation company will remove hazardous, dry, or wet soil and replace it with fill dirt or topsoil. There are also many contractors that perform land clearing, removing trees, fallen branches, heavy stones, and other obstructions or debris on your property. Our foundation contractors will ensure that your underpinning foundation services are done with the highest quality.

Need underpinning or basement excavation Highland Park? We are the ones that you can count on and trust! Don’t hesitate and give us a call today.

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Reason To Hire a Professional Excavation Contractors Highland Park
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We have the right equipment

When it comes to excavation services, our excavation company Highland Park has the proper materials and equipment to provide you with the service you'll need. Hiring our professional excavation contractors will take care of the equipment, permits, and experience necessary to operate heavy machinery. Buildmax Excavation Company Highland Park also has the knowledge and skills to make sure that there is less risk involved during the entire process.

We can handle surprises

Everything doesn't always go to plan, and the same thing goes with excavation. The common issues encountered during the project are the edges of an excavation area that will cave in. If not careful, your excavator may go along with it. There is also some rock or sand beneath the ground's surface making the process complicated. With professional excavation contractors Highland Park, we are ready to handle any surprises.

We know the proper procedure

Operating an excavator is no joke. It takes skills and proper knowledge to run it safely and properly. Our excavation company Highland Park has over a decade of experience in the excavation business. With this said, rest assured that everything will run smoothly and will follow the proper protocol for the entire project. Trust our excavation company Highland Park to get the job done right.

Excavation can be costly if it goes wrong

Excavation poses many dangers if not done correctly. Handling expensive equipment and precise parameters means you have little room for errors. It is safer to let the professional excavation contractors Highland Park do the job. The cost may be more if you hire an excavation company, but you can rest assured that the job will be done correctly and professionally.

Choose Our Excavation Highland Park & Underpinning Highland Park Contractors

Our excavation Highland Park services are highly regarded in the industry. We are essential for construction sites in need of professional unearthing, grading, and landscaping. We can prepare your site primarily for foundation and road construction. For more advanced work, our grading and leveling work cover drainage, pipes, and sewer lines. 

As an established excavation company Highland Park, we preserve our excellent image in the industry by working closely with experts. We play a critical part in ensuring the stability of buildings, so we make sure to work harmoniously with construction companies and get the work done accurately. We follow land surveying protocols, acquire the proper permits, and operate with other essential contractors for the seamless underpinning Highland Park of any site. 

We excavate commercial and residential properties alike. Our basement excavation and basement construction Highland Park are trusted by many and recommended by past clients. 

Feel free to talk to one of our excavation contractors and go through the details of the underpinning foundation Highland Park you need. Get in touch with us anytime!

Why Hiring Experts For You Excavation Highland Park Work Is So Important?

Our company is here for you if you require excavation or basement construction Highland Park services. Hiring someone experienced and skilled is crucial to make sure that the process is done correctly and safely. Don’t take these services lightly as it is not an easy task. When you select the wrong company, your property, finances, and safety are at stake. Here are some reasons why you must choose professionals for the job.

Licensed and Insured
Making sure the demolition company Highland Park is licensed and insured is one of the important things you need to look out for. You can ensure our contractors are well-trained and highly qualified to handle your excavation, demolition, and underpinning services. Rest assured that when you hire us, your property is in good hands.
Expertise with Heavy Machines
Licensed excavation and demolition contractors Highland Park should undergo training to correctly handle heavy machines and equipment needed for underpinning foundation and basement construction. With the right expertise, you can ensure the safety of you and our contractors.
Interpretation of Site Plans
One of the most important benefits of hiring licensed demolition and excavation contractors Highland Park is they can read and interpret site plans. It is essential to identify any underground hazards such as pipes or wires.
Site Preparation
Hiring licensed and professional excavation Highland Park contractors is very important. From digging out to leveling the project site, a knowledgeable and skilled contractor can help you.

When looking for excavation and demolition contractors for your basement construction or underpinning foundation, we are the ones that can help you!

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